Wednesday, October 22, 2008

it's the day before the day we do the jive for real. this one is so fast, i'm not sure if the cameras will be able to keep up. one of the real problems we will have is how to speak to Ian or Sandy after the performance cos currently we just hyperventilate and lie on the floor in total and complete exhuastion. i swear for the rest of my life if i hear Tina Turner's Proud Mary, my legs will start twitching and kicking involuntarily.
right, time to train. koebaai for now!


tam said...

woooooooooHOOOOOOOO I can't wait!
Holding thumbs for tonight. you gonna rock em yu'n mary mary.

macjanet said...

You were completely brilliant. I reckon you're going to make it to the end. I'm starting a one woman VOTE ROB, VOTE 2 campaign.
Publicise your blog! Get a following! You desrve one.
Janet (am a friend of tamara)