Thursday, October 2, 2008

crunch time

it's thursday morning. i'm sitting back stage at the carlton waiting for it all to start happening. yesterday was intense, we came in and didcmera rehearsals on the floor and basically went through the whole show. i can safely say i don't think i have ever been more nervous for anything in my life before. i stepped out onto the ballroom floor and my mouth went dry, my eyes started watering and i went completely blank. our first couple of run throughs was terrible. got better eventually but man nowhere near what we were doing on the rehearsal floor. oh well, it's the first one. i cannot believe it.
gotta go.
first run through of the first day.
wish me luck.


God Raptor said...

I just watched your performance now! And I have to say you were really awesome, and pulled off everything smoothly and professionally! Ill definitely be voting for you, even if I wasnt a fan already.
Keep up the nerves and good luck!

Mem said...

Wow - Rob that was great - keep it up. Our fingers did the talking. The Judges did so 16 times.,
Come on why lazy. Up-date, up-date
Oct 4