Friday, January 2, 2009


Our Samba comeback was a success, but as is the nature with this unrelenting and unforgiving competition, there is no time to rest on one’s laurels. Oh no, in fact after Thursday night’s shock elimination of the majestic Hlubi and the phenomenal Khutso, itas straight into training on Friday for a full day of group gumboot dancing. Ja, you heard me, Gumboot dancing.
We have spent the weekend trying to perfect a complicated percussive rubiks cube of a gumboot routine in a cloud of sweaty exhaustion. The task was particularly daunting for the whiteys as there is nothing more embarrassing to watch than white people doing gumboot dancing badly. Although, after the weekends mayhem, I think I may be blacker than Gugu. We all seem to have got the knack of it by now though and it should be a jol come Thursday night.
The fatigue and exhaustion really has set in big time. At the moment it’s just pure will power that’s getting me through. I fall asleep wherever I am; waiting for the robot to turn green, sitting on the couch, even on the loo. I am a walking zombie. The only person who doesn’t seem to be affected is Cindy Nel, who seems to be getting more energetic every day and is throwing herself at everything with such zeal that one wonders if she is human at all. Expect big things from her in the coming weeks as her strength of character is really starting to shine through.
Mary and I are obviously stoked with our Samba, and our plan to get back o the winners podium was rewarded by a massive 4 point lead over the rest of the field. However, it must be said that I was deeply shocked by the fact that Hlubi and Tessa ended up in the dance off. In my opinion both of these ladies have been star performers throughout And I feel that the show has lost a great asset in Hlubi. Scariest of all, is that they both scored very highly on the night and yet somehow still ended up in the bottom two. The mind boggles and it seems that there are no end to the surprises in this particular lucky packet.
For my own part, all I can say is that I am glad that I am still in the running and I don’t want to be going anywhere soon. I feel like I still have much to offer out on that dance floor and am particularly looking forward to the drama of the Paso Doble and the Tango. So please, keep voting, keep us in the competition and we will do our best to keep you entertained.

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