Friday, January 2, 2009

v- waltz

We are down to the business end of the competition now and the pressure builds with each passing day.
Last weeks episode was probably the most nerve wracking so far for myself (except maybe for the very first show) as the difference in quality between the couples remaining is minimal and chances of going to a dance off rise dramatically each time we lose a couple.
Also, in my humble opinion, there was very little between everyone’s Viennese Waltz’s on the day and it certainly felt like the playing fields had been leveled somewhat. To add to my anxiety, myself and Mary could hardly make it through a full version of our choreography in rehearsals whilst every other couple seemed to just glide through their dance. The Viennese Waltz is a peculiar old bird, the steps themselves are relatively simple with only a couple of variations, but the endless oscillation in multiples of seven as you circle the dance floor, leading with the right foot (the regular) and then with the left (the reverse) as you swivel in the opposite direction with a couple of pivots thrown in for good measure when you’re back into the regular cycle and then end it all off with a contra check after a particularly dizzying bout of flackeroles (sic?) , is enough to send you into vomiting spree to rival the worst of my varsity daze. Basically , it’s pretty disorientating and keeping count is vital to getting through the thing. Oh and then there’s the whole top line thing – keeping your shoulders down, your elbows up and your head to the left as the burn digs deep into your right shoulder/neck area. Needless to say, Mary and I were mentally preparing ourselves for a dance off throughout the never ending ordeal that is a Thursday at the Carlton centre.
However, when it came to the crunch we squashed our butterflies dead and got on with the job at hand – coming out with a very respectable 29 points and a second position overall on the night. Sweet relief.
Sadly, it was the end of the road for the man himself Gugu ‘Blogzilla Zorro’ Zulu, who quite frankly seemed a little relieved that it was all over. I’m sure the rest of you bloggers will miss his blog as much as I will. Taurus, if you’re out there man, drop us a line, tell us how you’re doing – give us one last run down of the night as you saw it – please, we miss you already.
I was lucky enough to run into Gugz at the Bond premiere in Sandton and he looked totally exhausted. It was a scary reminder of the kind of toll this constant dancing is taking on us guys. We kind of soldier on in denial cos we have to but I can imagine that when it’s all over for me as well I am going to crash and burn in spectacular fashion.
The week ahead sees a real step up in terms of intensity as we now tackle two dances per show. For us it’s the Cha Cha and the Rhumba and Mary and I are planning to step up to the plate and deliver on all fronts. Mary had a bit of a scare after the tribute to Miriam Makeba as she pulled a muscle after doing one of her crazy maneuvers – I had to carry her to the physio backstage who plied her with painkillers and cream that was supposed to help but burnt like hell in the process. Luckily she is back on the horse and going strong. I’m sure she would have carried on, even if she had had to amputate the leg. She probably would have come in with the offending limb in hand and beat me with it.
Alright, time to go, thanks once again for the support y’all. Keep on keeping it on.

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