Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the heat is on

as they say in all good 80's movies. Or maybe it was just that one. the one with Eddie Murphy. the red jacket. the laugh.
either way, the heat is definately on. tomorrow we go to the carlton for the first time to rehearse for cameras and do costume fittings and hear the band and everything - before the big day. holy polony.
all we did today in rehearsals was the waltz. over. and over again. it's a tough nut to crack that whole ballroom vibe let me tell you. so held, so poised, so controlled and yet when done properly the waltz just floats. at the moment i feel like i am wading more than floating. but hey at least i'm not drowning.

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Mem said...

Rob, your diary rocks. I strongly suggest you consider publication. Holding thumbs for tomorrow!You got my vote!