Thursday, September 25, 2008

fatigue is a biyatch.
this show is not supposed to be easy. it's designed to test you to your limits, both physically and emotionally and then at the end of all of that they dress you up like a toilet roll doily cover and put you on national television live just to see how you cope.
and that's fine, that's cool. i signed up for the thing, so hey, who am i to complain? and i'm not. i'm just saying. what the hell!?

one week to go before we go live. our waltz is looking good, still working on the frame, and we started doing the quickstep together today which was fun. i get taught the steps over a period of time, dancing alongside mary (pretending that i am actually holding her) until she feels like its time to join hands and do the thing together. today was such a time for the quickstep, which we are doing to mark ronson and amy winehouse's 'valerie' (what a rocking track) and despite a couple of knee collisions and toe stomps it all went pretty swimmingly. the quickstep is quick. quicker than you imagine. or dream. or believe. but not quite as quick as the jive.
the quickstep is quick, but the jive is deranged.

will get some pictures up soon.

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