Monday, September 29, 2008

the jive is monstrous. a dance for people whose feet move quicker than their brain. we started putting together a sequence for it today and it made me feel dizzy and inadequate. really frustrating. it got better eventualy though, the feet started to find the pattern and i got into the vibe. when i finally do get it properly i'm going to gooi it so hard the floor is going to have bruises.
we also recapped the group mambo (lots of fun - seems easier than the other dances and feel like i can hang loose and be kiff without having to try so hard) and the quickstep (which is also a lot of fun - similar principles to the waltz - but when it goes, it really flies and seems to happen without too much thought).
the day ended with lock-off's, which basically means we filmed the waltz so that the director can plot shots to the choreography for the live broadcast on thursday night. it's close now, and i felt my first butterfly's today in anticipation for the real deal. the dance feels good (in fact i really feel like i stepped up a couple of notches today after Mary's note to attack the dance - found that it gave me more confidence specifically going into turns and that our contact was on point throughout as a result) but i must admit that the idea of doing it finally in front of a ball room full of people (let alone the entire tv nation) gives me a bit of a skrik.
above all though, i am amped to get into the competition for real and get the first episode behind me. i feel like i can lift the bar a couple more notches over the next two days waltz-wise as well so that's what i'm going to do.
watch the tv on thursday and vote vote vote.

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